Who knew?

Its taken a while for me to realise that there’s no graduation ceremony for life. I wish there was. I wish there someone at the end of all of this to present me with a certificate of some kind or a badge of honour. Maybe a handshake too. Just an acknowledgement like “hey, well done. You did it”.

Its also taken me a long time to realise that I can be anyone I want to be. It sounds cliche and a little bit mechanic but its true. I can get on a plan to Italy and live life there as a struggling artist with an eye for brush strokes and colour palettes. I could go to Paris and live out my days as a fashion enthusiast, spending my days drinking the best Shiraz that money can buy and wearing the most chic dresses, tiptoeing through Parisian cobble stones searching for love in the belly of the beast! I could go to New York and be a path-searching twenty something year old with a group of comrades who are always free for a drink. I could move to Thailand or Australia and live the hippie chic lifestyle and learn how to surf. I could go to the Netherlands and open up my own little café, selling homemade vegan foods and organic juices. Hell, I could find a rainforest, grow some dreadlocks and spend my days singing UB40s Red Wine whilst dancing naked. I could do any of it, and who says I have to choose one? Well I won’t.

Its taken me such a long time but I’ve figured it all out. I can do whatever the fuck I want.

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