All inclusive life guide and mentor needed – competitive salary!

I’ve accepted that I will never be the person who will maintain a blog at regular, consistent intervals. That’s just how it has to be. I’m really trying to work on my organisational skills though as I think I’ve finally fully understood how easier and less stressful my life would be if I started to prioritize. Is there someone I can pay to do that for me? There must be some kind of job out there like a “life manager” or “finance organizer” or what I really need – “all-inclusive life guide and mentor”. Just thinking about makes me feel fuzzy and light. I’m going to look into this now, I’ve decided it’s absolutely mandatory. Anyway, good morning from the Arabian Kingdom! I recently got back from a mini vacay in Bahrain and it was so wonderful. It was bizarre to remember how close it is to Saudi Arabia and yet so remarkably different (it’s an hour flight). Women were dressed however they pleased (although it was still all very modest), men and women were co-existing in a normal fashion, women were driving and there was alcohol. My mind was temporarily blown, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. This was the first thing I did:

IMG-20150501-WA0005_resized (1)

There are fewer things in life finer than champagne on a hot day 🙂

Then there was lots of this:


And most evenings ended like this:


It was so nice to get away from the limits of Riyadh and just feel normal again for a few days. Bahraini’s are such friendly people too, which was a massive change from the people in Riyadh who are rude and never seem to get tired from the chip they’re always carrying on their shoulders. Very refreshing to say the least. They’re also very much about grandour and making an impression, with their rooftop city view bars, their big, shiny cars, their perfectly blowdried hair and their magnificent restaurants. I felt right at home 🙂 And the food. Oh, the food! From Mediterranean to Japanese, they did not wrong. Just look at this yumtasticness:

Turkish food never fails!

Turkish food never fails!

I will definitely be back there soon, perhaps indefinitely. Watch this space! xoxo

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